During This National Crisis...

Create An Opportunity For Your Kid To SUCCEED!

Empowering Kids To SUCCEED



Your 12 Day Family Pass Includes:

  •  10 Unit G.L.I.D.E. Study Guide
  • ​10 Daily Videos
  • ​Exclusive Membership Group
  • ​Club Worksheets/Contests
  • ​1 D.I.S.C. "Superpower" Test to Reveal Your Child's Best Traits
We'll show your kids the
 5 Pillars to help them G.L.I.D.E.:

Parents around the world have an unprecedented opportunity!

Take a break while your kids GROW to new heights in their youth.
Your kids will watch daily videos to encourage and inspire them to reach their full potential in their youth. Plus, you will also find resource links to help you navigate this season of life with more options for your kids to learn.
EmmaSara's kids will also host DAILY videos on various topics like:
Bible lessons,
and so much more!
 This camp is geared towards helping your kids make good decisions in life, especially while they are at home. There will be prizes for kids prizes and so much more!
  • Grow Confidence
  • Learn Responsiblity
  • Identify their Superpower
  • ​Discover their Purpose
  • ​Entrepreneurship
5 Pillars to Help Kids G.L.I.D.E.
  •  Grow Self-Confidence
  •  Learn Responsiblity
  •  Identify their Superpower
  • ​ Discover their Purpose
  •  ​Envision their Future

Meet the Camp Director: 
EmmaSara McMillion CNHC, is a mom of 8 kids. She has been homeschooling successfully 
for the past 20 years.  
She is also the founder of the Mother of Change Movement, a community of passionate moms who are raising world changers. 
You can pick up her book   
Mother of Change on Amazon.
EmmaSara is DISC behavior coach that is certified by  Eric Thomas & Associates. 
Her experience also includes specialized program training as a former family shelter director and counselor.

Meet the McMillion Familiy 
EmmaSara is the founder of the Mother of Change Movement and she has 7 successful kid entrepreneurs + a toddler. One son is the youngest author of the century. She is also the found of Kids of Change & Online Kidz Camp. She is excited to help your kids reach their full potential while they are still in their youth! 

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